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Quality Control

Hejja HQ always notice about the Quality. From R&D into end process, we make sure all in safe and follow the KKM guideline.

Natural Products

We’re trying to get into natural and organic ingredient as well. This is our mission.

Hejja Refresh is good to reduce and cure your sinus problem

Nowdays, we are very vulnerable to health problems related on sinus. We try to bring you a solution for your sinus problem to and at the same time beneficial to your health.

Hejja Kopi Orang Kita is a premix coffee with premium taste and good for your health.

Hejja Kopi Orang Kita made from high quality arabica coffee. It using a low calory nano sugar suitable for diabetes. Its also contain 100% original sacha inchi and  buah tunjuk langit. It’s good to help to reduce joint and knee paint, reduce cholesterol, give extra energy and reduce sugar level in blood.

Hejja Bonchet Fiber Drink

Hejja Bonchet Fiber Drink its botanical drink made with contain high fiber and good for your gut. Its also improve your digestion to prevent an constipation. 

We're Certified

We're Certified

We made your trust with our clarification certification with the health and manufacturer made.

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